The Food of Sicily

The Food of Sicily by Fabrizia Lanza

In this all-new cookbook from Fabrizia Lanza, one of the world’s greatest food cultures is distilled in 75 recipes for the home cook, plus a loving tribute to its ingredients, passions, influences, and history.

Fabrizia Lanza is the owner and Executive Director of Anna Tasca Lanza, a cooking school established by her mother Anna in 1987 on her family’s 200-year-old agricultural estate in the heart of Sicily. For 25 years as an art curator, ultimately directing two museums in the north of Italy before returning to her native Sicily where, over the last decade, has transformed her mother’s cooking school into a hub of Sicilian food knowledge and culture. She is the author of Olive: A Global History, Coming Home to Sicily, Tenerumi, and L’ultimo dei Monsù. In 2012 she produced short documentary Amuri: The Sacred Flavors of Sicily and debuted Amaro, a short film about the bitter flavor in Sicilian food and culture in 2020. Her latest book The Food Of Sicily will publish in September 2023.

Kind Words about The Food of Sicily

“This book evokes everything I love about Sicily—its diverse cuisines, its rustic timeless beauty, the land itself. Fabrizia is a born teacher as well as a brilliant cook. She serves a history lesson along with each meal, and the food is exquisite.”

—ALICE WATERS, chef, restaurateur, and author

“Fabrizia Lanza calls herself a hungry anthropologist. She understands that food means nothing without context; she knows every bite we eat has a story and a cultural connection. This book, as with everything Fabrizia touches, is smart, beautiful, and genuine. I am a hungry, grateful reader.”

—DAVID TANIS, chef and author

“Of all of Fabrizia Lanza’s books, this one is my favorite. It’s filled with enticingly original recipes I can’t wait to make.”

—RUTH REICHL, author of Save Me the Plums

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