Anna Tasca Lanza

is a center of Sicilian food knowledge and culture.
The organization was founded in 1989 as a cooking school by Anna herself.

We seek to share with those who venture here the most hidden and complex values of Sicilian food and agriculture. Our continued research on and exchange of knowledge with local communities guarantee an immersive and participative experience for all of our visitors.


Case Vecchie

Culinary stays in Sicily

Stay on-site in our 19th-century farmhouse and relax into the remote Sicily of once-upon-a-time. From April to December, excluding summer holidays, experience Sicily’s food traditions. We offer hands-on culinary classes in the kitchen. Come for a four-course lunch lesson or spend one night or more. Overnight experiences allow you to explore the surroundings with our tailored food excursions. Discover our in house workshops focusing on seasonal ingredients and traditional techniques from the farm. Or join us in our guest-led workshops with known-chefs and creative instructors from around the world. Delicious flavors in a stunning setting inspire your senses and pique your culinary curiosity. Meals and lessons feature ingredients grown on the property and all wines from the family vineyard, Tasca D’Almerita.

Upcoming Online Lessons

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Upcoming Workshops

Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste

August 23 - 28, 2021
Homemade Pasta & Seasonal Sweets

Homemade Pasta & Seasonal Sweets

with Emiko Davies
August 30 - September 4, 2021
Delicious Sicily

Delicious Sicily

with David Tanis
September 13 - 18, 2021
Power to the Flour

Power to the Flour

September 20 - 25, 2021
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Cook the Farm

Experiential Food Education

Cook the Farm is an immersive food education course that takes place annually from mid-January to mid-March. Inaugurated in 2016, the course brings together participants from around the world to grow, cook, eat and think about food landscapes. Lectures, tastings, and hands-on lessons both in the kitchen and on the land encourage participants to question stereotypes around traditional cuisines and grapple with the cultural, social, economic, and environmental issues around food.

Food Heritage Association

Giving Value to Sicilian Food Culture

Founded in 2019, FHA is a non-profit initiative dedicated to the collection, exchange, and promotion of Sicilian culinary knowledge. FHA achieves its aim of valorizing local gastronomic practices through research and documentation. Emphasis on collective and individual food stories from the past and present help create a stronger and more inclusive narrative of the Sicilian and Mediterranean food landscapes.

_1_6 Fillipo Sheep FHA

The whole experience, from the accommodations (food, the beautiful location) to all the people we encountered was top notch. The kitchen crew was awesome in every way! I will definitely recommend to friends. David was great, enjoyed his casual style and expertise.

David Tanis Workshop

Love the landscape surrounding the school, the visit to the ricotta making place, the discussions on the table, the cooking, and the kitchen.

2 Night Stay

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and thought the standard of the course was exceptional. I have taken other cooking classes in other countries, and this course was by far more authentic, serious, in-depth and has inspired me.

David Tanis Workshop

The experience at Case Vecchie was magical. Driving away on the day I left I felt as if I was leaving a piece of my heart and soul. As my eyes welled up with tears I felt sadness, but also gratitude for the experience of this beautiful place on earth. I hope to return someday.

2 night stay

Everything about the week was worth the effort to get there and the planning was well worth it. It was a week of gourmet eating. The participants were all enthusiastic about being there and that helped make the overall "experience".

David Tanis Workshop

Learned lots of good cooking tips, enjoyed the camaraderie with the instructor and other students, and the meal was fantastic! Also appreciated receiving the recipes. This cooking school was our favorite thing to do and the highlight of our month-long stay in Italy!

D. & C. L
Lunch Lesson

I loved everything, beyond beautiful surroundings, fabulous food, wonderful instruction and opportunity to learn about Sicilian cooking, as well as the knowledgeable and very helpful staff. The flowing wine and other guests, who just happened to be amazing also added to my exceptional experience!

Tomato Paste Workshop

It was all wonderful: the staff, the estate, the food & drink, the cooking lessons/experience, interacting with the visitors, the excursions/tours (breakfast with the shepherd) and not to mention the swimming pool...I felt thoroughly pampered: relaxed and rested. It was exactly what I needed. Memories to last a lifetime.

F. F.
5 night stay

We've been telling everybody what great experience we've had at Case Vecchie: breadmaking, Sicilian cooking lessons, daily walks to the winery, visit to the flour mill and ricotta maker and the sheep, your beautiful grounds filled with fruit trees and vegetable gardens and the chicken coop.


Care to be wined, dined & entertained: this is the place. I had a fabulous fun holiday...the food is scrumptiously good. The staff, I can't say enough wonderful things. They sparkled. You could tell they really loved what they were doing. I found the cooking school experience to be stimulating, exciting and rewarding. Well done Anna Tasca Lanza and thank you.

F. F.
5 night stay

My stay at Casa Vecchie absolutely confirmed for me that my future is in food, I cannot thank them enough for solidifying that for me. My stay at Casa Vecchie absolutely confirmed for me that my future is in food, I cannot thank them enough for solidifying that for me.

Pasta Workshop

Thank you for an experience of a lifetime! I can’t wait to share my stories of the wonderful work that the team at Anna Tasca Lanza is doing for local artisans, women in art/culinary, history and hospitality, and lovers of Italian culture.

4 night stay

That was such a great experience and it was so much fun to be with all of you during the week. Please extend my thanks to the entire team who made things so fantastic. I can't wait to get started in my own kitchen!

Pasta Workshop

That was such a great experience and it was so much fun to be with all of you during the week. Please extend my thanks to the entire team who made things so fantastic. I can't wait to get started in my own kitchen!

Pasta Workshop

We stayed at the cooking school for 2 nights of a 17-day tour of Sicily. We had the loveliest conversations with these very interesting and knowledgeable women managing the school and accommodations. The food and wine were exactly what I had hoped for. Our only regret is that we didn’t stay longer! We will be back!!!

2 night stay



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