“It feels hard to describe the gratitude and immeasurable happiness I have felt being at Cook the Farm…. (Now) we all have these wild thoughts and dreams running through our hearts of what we want to do with the education we have received. It has felt so special and so worthwhile being here.” -- Jenna Marek

“Before coming here, I understood how food was produced, but I didn’t feel it. After this kaleidoscopic experience of food in Sicily, the way I think about food is much more textured and sensorial… I will always look back on my time in Sicily with [Fabrizia] and the gang as a gently crucial turning point that pushed me towards honesty and clarity with myself that I haven’t felt since starting my career in food. As I begin again, I feel anchored.” -- Echo Thomas

“I have gone through changes in the way I think about food during Cook the Farm, both intellectual and experiential…I gained depth in my knowledge of specific ingredients, the context in which they are eaten and prepared, as well as language to discuss and articulate ideas around food… Being here in Sicily and eating local, seasonal food has been profound on physically, visceral, emotional and psychological levels… I will continue to learn from this experience as I return home.” -- Corrine Smith

“This course has awake food aspects…Creating a new and closer bond with food will allow me to make better decisions in everyday activities: shopping, eating, choosing ingredients, giving value to local, good products…Staying here gives the opportunity not only to understand and live, but to bond as part of the system.” -- Cristina Marti


“Cook the Farm has completely changed my outlook on food… (Before) I had never really thought about the bigger picture and the role that food plays in this world… With everything in reach in the present world, we don’t care about the process or effects that the food system, or any system, has anymore. We just consume… The market and food industry has completely taken advantage of this ignorance… The message that Cook the Farm has brought is a step forward in the solution to the problem.” -- Nicholas Bianco

“Cook the Farm has given me much more awareness of where my food comes from, the work that people from all around the world have put into [the ingredients], and the work that I put into [preparing them]. It has given me more pride in the work I do [as an aspiring chef].” -- Jarrod Cerniglia

“Cook the Farm has taught me awareness and appreciation… [Now] I realize and value the hard work that is put into bringing all of [my ingredients] to the farmer’s market where I have easy access to them, and I now understand the actual process each of my ingredients goes through… For the environment and for everyone involved, this is a really important thing—we must understand where our food is actually coming from and how it gets to us.” -- Aly Seckinger

“La mia percezione della cucina, durante questa esperienza, possiamo dire che si e “eraluta e migliorata” come e successo a me come persona… Questa scuola mi ha aperto nuove porte da esplorare una ad una.” -- Martina Frenna

“Grazie a Cook the Farm ho scoperto molte cose nuove come l’agricoltura, il modo di pensare e di vedere le cose e relazionarmi con altre persone di stati diversi. Oggi so che voglio condividere con i miei amici e tutte le persone che mi stanno vicino questa esperienza unica.” -- Salvo Campione


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